Feb 14

February 21, 2008


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To my wife, my personal beacon of beauty, inspiration and strength.
And to everyone who is in love.
p.s. The above story was conceived and penned on 14th Feb 2008.


27 Responses to “Feb 14”

  1. Sskizo Says:

    beautiful story

  2. Stephanie Says:

    perfectly lovely

  3. paulie Says:

    awww… snif. i want some love too!

  4. Noel Says:

    Found myself a wee bit emotional at the end, which caught me by surprise. Nice.

  5. Karen Says:


  6. Maria Says:

    WOW! I realy LOVED it! Your style is awesome!

  7. Maria Says:

    beautiful style
    touching words
    ORIGINAL idea *faint*
    and the dress =D was a cute touch

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  9. boliyou Says:

    Cute, funny and touching. Very well done.

  10. simon Says:

    the man is bush trying to get america

  11. ksklein Says:

    awww…. beautiful story and drawings.

  12. mad-rabbit Says:

    its the real love-story for a new recover-novelle “horse from greece”! troja and other great objekts in our hearts.

    lovely and holly eastern all dreamers!!!!

  13. Ev Says:

    Lovely. Thank you

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  15. Quan Says:

    wow, wonderful story, so bittersweet!

    great writing and illustrations!

  16. Adriana Says:

    Wonderful! It is difficult to find another word to describe it.

  17. Denise Says:

    Lovely. I’m already a fan!

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  20. creatist Says:

    shit i have like, goosebumps, while i read this..it’s so saddddd… so beautiful *sigh*

    very, very beautiful work…

  21. irfan gulshan-e-hadeed karachi Says:


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  23. Dr Degu W/mariam Says:

    perfectly lovely

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