Adam’s Apple

February 10, 2008


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148 Responses to “Adam’s Apple”

  1. Sam Lay Says:

    This is so cool! I love the illustration and the way the story unfolds. The pace of the story was also well-timed. Great job on this!

  2. G.E.D / Winsun Says:

    I getting out of my window and buying an apple across the street…

  3. neaat Says:

    this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen

  4. jean/NOTCOT Says:

    Brilliant! You really ought to get this printed as a kids board book.


    I’d buy it!

  5. kiki Says:

    never seen story of apple like this before….

  6. Max Says:

    I’m literally on the floor laughing. I don’t even know how I’m typing right now. Color me awed. Thank you!!

  7. Awesome work Josef! nice story, great narrative and style of illustration..

  8. HAHAAH! Makes perfect sense!!

  9. Leijon Says:

    I just fell off my chair..

  10. […] Забавен комикс с участието на Адам, Ева, Бог, Стийв и няколко NPC-та. […]

  11. hehehe.. thats sooo cool!!!
    u r a good storyteller!!!!
    keep more posted!!

  12. […] Security Fix – Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security – ( wrote an interesting post today on Adam’s Apple " The Museum Of Modern FictionHere’s a quick excerpt…bookmark this on – posted by gromain to apple fun illustration comics mac art and saved by others… […]

  13. […] Stories for Matured Audience, well there’s only one up there at the moment and that’s Adam’s Apple, and it’s bloody good. Made by Josef Lee, a designer / animator / illustrator based in […]

  14. Alex Says:

    This is just way too funny… lovely illustrations, absolutely great story.

    More of this would be great…

    Found this via

  15. […] Apfelgeschichte – süß, für Apple-Fans und Hasser. Mülltonnenart – gabs auch schonmal besser […]

  16. jean Says:

    This is simply great and funny

  17. MityaRS Says:

    Пилять, Змей – вылитый Джобс!

  18. Nina Says:


  19. Julie Says:

    This story is amazingly funny.
    If it got published, I would buy the book.
    It made my morning.

  20. Lorenzo Says:



  21. Rick Says:

    This is great.

  22. […] Adam’s Apple No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback addressThere was an error with your comment, please try […]

  23. Dmitry Says:

    Stupid and obscene. And nothing to laugh.
    Тупо, похабно и не смешно.

  24. […] auch dabei, und das Macbook Air. Aber mehr möchte ich nicht verraten. Schaut einfach in das Blog des in Singnapur ansässigen Designers Josef […]

  25. Joe Says:

    This is awesome!

  26. […] Adam’s Apple to trochę inne podejście do chrześcijańskiej przypowieści o Adamie i Ewie. Historyjka jest króciutka i opowiedziana w kilku fajnych ilustracjach. Warto poświęcić na nią chwilkę bo jest tu parę momentów, które zaskakują i bawią. Nie Radio Maryja oczywiście. […]

  27. Michelle Says:

    I love politically incorrect stuff. You know there are some churches out there fuming. Wonderful, funny. I love it.

  28. josef Says:

    hi everyone,

    thanks for all the great comments! it’s really encouraging. i’m now working on a new story. something totally different but equally quirky. do watch out for it:)

  29. Hellen Lie Says:

    Great simple story and nice illustration!

  30. Hellen Lie Says:

    Simple and quirky story, nice illustration

  31. DaddyCool Says:

    my, he tries to f*** animals, and everybody says : it’s great ! hum, I’m wondering about human condition now. I know it’s humour, but still, that raises questions about meaning of everything.

    Ok, I give up. HAHA… If you never regret it, that’s ok with me… And some pics are very good.
    By the way, for those who do not know, it is God who actually told them to f***, in the first story written on the bible… to multiply on earth’s surface…
    I’m too serious. Sorry, i didn’t laugh like everybody seems to.

  32. See'ou Says:

    Keep it together to join keep and sing alright ;D

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  34. […] čia ne apie filmą. Kolega Kabelis parodė šiek tiek kitokį Microsoft ir Apple istorijos pateikimą. Būtinai paskaitykit, tik nesekit šios pasakos savo vaikams! […]

  35. Diego Camargo Botassio Says:

    It’ so funny, cool, fantastic. Perfect

  36. Renato Says:

    Amazing history!

    Is it real?!?


  37. […] комикс «Яблоко Адама» Джозефа Ли рассказывает о настоящей причине изгнания […]

  38. Lance Says:

    Apples are a JOKE!

  39. […] Josef Lee é o nome do criador desta hilária e muito bem desenhada história: Adam’s Apple. […]

  40. everaldo Says:

    No words. its perfect.

  41. mister k Says:

    simply funny and makes sense!!..

  42. […] Apple è una storiella illustrata veramente divertemente creata pochi giorni fa dal blog Museum of Modern Fiction. E’ basata essenzialmente sul classico racconto di Adamo ed Eva, che viene però stravolto e […]

  43. shimgong Says:

    Thank you very much — NOW I am buying an Apple for myself too! 😀

  44. Saint Andres Says:

    Ahahah, funny funny, very very funny!

  45. […] sienose. Tuo metu skaičiau BBB ir buvau sutelkęs visą dėmesį į apple ekraną, nes ten rodė gerą medžiagą , kurią šį rytą man padovanojo A.D. Tačiau susisgribęs, jog pokalbis tai puiki medžiaga […]

  46. […] gerade bei tice gefunden “Adam’s Apple“… […]

  47. […] stumbled upon Adam’s Apple, a piece of modern fiction I’m quite sure the Pope won’t approve any time soon. Steve […]

  48. […] Adam’s Apple retells the story of God, Adam and Eve, with an interesting modern twist involving Apple, and its founder Steve Jobs. A hilarious short story by The Museum of Modern Fiction, with art and story by Singaporean designer / illustrator Josef Lee. Definitely Not-Suitable-for-Work. […]

  49. […] Adam’s Apple retells the story of God, Adam and Eve, with an interesting modern twist involving Apple, and its founder Steve Jobs. […]

  50. […] at the full story about Adam and his ‘apple’ over at the museum of modern fiction. I find it hilarious that Adam is naked and Steve is wearing a […]

  51. […] Link Sharing: The Museum Of Modern Fiction – Adam’s Apple (Semi-Matured Content) […]

  52. MONTAGNA Says:

    yak!very funny! Greetings! Minimo

  53. ardalion Says:


    It is funny. I linked this story to my site. I do not know if I could copy the full story with the images to my blog with reference to the creator.

    My best

  54. …прекрасная вариация библейской легенды о Боге, Адаме и Еве …

  55. […] Link: Adam’s Apple. […]

  56. […] Link: Adam’s Apple. […]

  57. […] Timo Heuers Weblog wrote an interesting post today on Adamâs Apple « The Museum Of Modern FictionHere’s a quick excerpt…la nuova versione della mela di eva. Saved By: ophelia cherry | View Details | Give Thanks Tags:apple, webcomic… […]

  58. This story really explains so much. So much, in fact, that I just e-mailed it to the pope, so that the Old Testament can be correct and this – the actualy truth – can be known by all peoples and religions!

    Seriously now, man: great work! It was a brilliant idea and very well executed.

  59. yaly Says:

    Awesome story. I love the illustrations, they’re the bomb. Keep on drawing!

  60. Ewe Jin Tee Says:

    Awesome storyline ! Note that it’s a Macbook Air .. hahahaha 🙂
    COOL !

  61. Fresh AIR!
    Great portfolio as well Josef!

  62. blauereiter Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this ! Fantastic work. :]

  63. L Says:

    It’s amazing how one can make a lot ppl enjoy life, at least for a moment.

    Great work man!

  64. […] grafisk historie, Adam’s Apple, hos The Museum of Modern Fiction. Featuring Gud, Steve Jobs, Adam & […]

  65. jnb Says:

    how much is Apple paying for this publicity?

  66. DuleCaj Says:

    This is wonderful. Great style and nice story 🙂

  67. Renneth Says:

    Apple is indeed evil. They know how to empty your pockets once they got you hooked. Nice picture book!

  68. Hahahahahaha, it’s a wowing experience. Notoriously Genius may i say….=D

  69. Lukc Says:

    Lovely! Truly lovely! 😀

  70. […] related note, Black Betty pointed my way to this lovely tale of Adam. Ah, Biblical tales! This was written by Luka. Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2008, at 1:45 […]

  71. Roland Says:

    hahahha!! That’s so interesting 🙂
    funnie story~

  72. paul Says:

    я в шоці)) супер!

  73. Aicul Says:

    LOOOOL Soooooo Great. Loved the illustrations. =)

  74. […] Adam’s Apple « The Museum Of Modern Fiction ~ A Collection of Contemporary Stories for Matured Au… God, Adam, Eve, the garden of Eden, Steve Jobs, and a MacBook Air. How’s that for a legend of mythical proportions? (tags: wordpress JosefLee singapore bible apple art cartoon christianity comics culture god adam eve religion mac sex illustration humour) […]

  75. Jony Says:

    The good thing to take a coffe at sunday morning and smile on a good joke

  76. tomciaaa Says:

    Yeah, well maybe its a LITTLE bit flat but, like the advertisement says: for mature public. But the idea is 100% great… Anw, have you ever heard of the quote ( I don’t know whose is it :\): “In the world without walls and fences, who needs gates and windows?”

  77. Ardita Says:

    Interesting analogy..

  78. […] telah membuat Adam terusir dari surga. Informasi dari milis, cerita ini cukup menggelitik dan cerdas. Penulisnya kreatif. Artikel yang mungkin […]

  79. Leonardo Carvalho Says:

    Man… the best story about Adam, Eve and the “paradise” ever…

  80. iwan sutrisno Says:

    original style of illustration too!

  81. priyo Says:

    Nicely done..

  82. Ralph Says:

    This is absolutely great!

    Replying to the qualms about Adam f***ing the animals, this was never stated in the Bible! Still, it gives a justification for Eve’s creation. Simple cause and effect!

    Loved it all!

  83. […] Adam & Eve retold. Now with Macs! […]

  84. Dito Says:

    LOL so funny 😀

  85. […] Adam’s Apple. Requires an understanding of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the Macbook Air … and God. […]

  86. […] Must read. There are pictures, too. […]

  87. […] god, humour, illustration, JosefLee, mac, religion, Sex, singapore, WordPress. |   Click here to read.      …and also here to read!    Mood of the Day: Lazy Current Song: Kissing […]

  88. […] about Adam’s Apple, Eve and Steve Posted in Uncategorized by dotmrt on March 2nd, 2008 « Mac dock like avant-window-navigator […]

  89. Jauhari Says:

    It’s Really LOL 😉

  90. Ian Timothy Says:

    Great twist on an old story. However, I do object. My Mac Mini has never got me laid.

  91. […] Just a note though – my apple computers never ever got me laid. […]

  92. […] brainchild of Josef Lee, Adam’s Apple offers a refreshing interpretation of the tale of Adam and Eve, with many laugh-out-loud moments. […]

  93. Terry Finley Says:

    Not one to jump on the band wagon,
    I think it is crude and childish.

  94. […] Apple è una storiella illustrata veramente divertemente creata pochi giorni fa dal blog Museum of Modern Fiction. E’ basata essenzialmente sul classico racconto di Adamo ed Eva, che viene però stravolto e […]

  95. […] Escrito e ilustrado Josef Lee, leia esta pérola na íntegra no blog de seu projeto, o Museum of Modern Fiction. […]

  96. […] myths don’t get any better than this. Much respect to Singapore-based designer and illustrator Josef Lee for his visuals and […]

  97. Anonymous Says:

    […] 1, 2008 cruzcredo! creideuspai! vaderetosatanás! clica aqui pra ver Adão & Eva numa histórinha bem […]

  98. […] ADAM’S APPLE (muito bacana) in LINKS. Feed for this Entry Trackback Address […]

  99. […] months ago with The Museum Of Modern Fiction, it generated quite a buzz online. His first story, Adam’s Apple was a instant hit with many readers. It has got great illustrations with simple yet hilarious […]

  100. […] e está interessado em atualizar seus conhecimentos sobre o tema usando a internet!]. Vai lá e […]

  101. […] Adam’s Apple is a modern retelling of the story of God, Adam, Eve and the Apple, with Steve Jobs in a supporting role as the Serpent. A story by The Musuem of Modern Fiction – A Collection of Bedtime Stories for Adults. […]

  102. Jane Says:

    Wow!! This is great!!
    I haven’t words,really!
    I never see something alse.
    Good for you xD This is story of life!

  103. zoe Says:

    HAHAHA… this is simply hilarious. Very ingenious as well.

  104. indra Says:

    i’m from indonesia
    i just want to say

    “cool man”

  105. […] e foarte recentă, dar tocmai mi-am adus aminte de povestea Mărului lui Adam. Scris pe la 3 pm | Vezi şi Adam, Apple, design, fabulospirit, ilustraţie, […]

  106. […] criação do ilustrador Josef Lee, traz uma nova versão, um pouco digamos…hummm..adulta, aqui. Me impressiona a criatividade da mente humana, […]

  107. Iris Says:

    pure genius! keep it up!

  108. susumu Says:

    yeah it is kinda cool

  109. Superior post.Keep up the great work,You should definitely have to keep updating your site

  110. albartuf Says:

    your story is amazing……
    i like it…

    from: alif
    in: indonesia

  111. Яков Says:

    Да, интернет – он не маленький, если и такое можно найти 😉

  112. Deepak Says:

    well its easy to make our own illustration to avoid the reality and then joke about it ,
    the best part is still even a true Christian would say i still forgive u for hurting my feelings


  113. […] Esqueçamos tudo isso. Trago-vos uma história curta mas muito bem pensada, acompanhada por excelentes ilustrações. A autoria é de Josef Lee e está disponível online. […]

  114. raghavendra Says:

    nice story and the way it is illustrated
    i like the textures
    cool man pls post some more

  115. he11en Says:

    great, lol ^^

  116. Your stories and illustrations are absolute genius! Thank you for making me laugh. I have something more to look forward to now. When the Fox Animation Domination is a load of re-runs I can log on to your blog. I can’t wait to see more.

  117. Спасибо, много полезного почерпнул.

  118. […] under the label  The Musuem of Modern Fiction inject humour into traditional stories such as Adam’s Apple, a modern retelling of the story of God, Adam and […]

  119. Спасибо. полезно. Только вот букв и в самом деле много, можно бы было разбить на две части, особенно учитывая как редко ты здесь постишь.

  120. Anna Coutinho Says:

    This is so cool!
    Now we all know the truth!

  121. Vern Lisk Says:

    Superb guide, well written I have to admit.

  122. nisa sanjaya Says:

    the best part is still even a true Christian would say i still forgive u for hurting my feelings 🙂

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  124. Eliz Lampi Says:

    Hello. magnificent job. I did not imagine this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

  125. tütünex Says:

    This is so cool!
    Now we all know the truth!

  126. Pete Says:

    In 6th grade, my friend wrote and illustrated this very same story. His illustrations, though, were a little more elementary.

  127. wdwd85 Says:

    Редкие документальные, , фильмы и телепередачи ! на вебдип точка ру

  128. […] Uma história deliciosa escrita e ilustrada por Josef Lee carregada de humor (para adultos) que mete Steve Jobs e Bill […]

  129. […] tentang si buah terlarang (apel) […]

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